Itai Shimron is a composer, producer and stage performer. He started his musical journey as a bass player back in 1986 playing jazz in the Israeli local scene. At that time Itai was a member of the Gilad Atzmon (saxophones) trio (including the drummer Guy Ben Barak). The group played music in the spirit of John Coltrane and other post bi-bop artists. For about 3 years the trio has performed in many local jazz clubs, festivals as well as in the Red Sea International jazz festival. In addition, Itai played the bass accompaniment for many Israeli artists in the pop-rock scene and participated in many TV shows ("Zehu Ze" and "Sof Sof" to name a few).

In 1989 Itai together with Nitzan Ein Habar (saxophones), Menachem Zibziner (guitars) and Doron Refaeli (drums) founded the "Minuette" quartet. The group, that had no classical band leader, developed a natural unique approach of collaboration that resulted in special sound and compositions.

In 1990 "Minuette" released them debut album "First Dance" (MCI records) that was enthusiastically welcomed both by audience and music critics.The press described the band as "the big hope of the Israeli jazz" and "the best jazz album of the year". It is still considered one of the best selling jazz albums in Israel. In "First Dance" Itai contributed his own compositions

("The Sculpturer", " Firenze ") and took part in the common compositions of the band. In the next few years "Minuette" performed all over the country as well as several times in the Red Sea International jazz festival.

During 1993 "Minuette" released them second album "Patrisio's Story" (NMC records). In this work Itai led a constructed attitude regarding compositions and arrangements and contributed tunes like "Patrisio's Story" (a musical muse based on Gabriel Garcia Marques literal atmosphere), "Where does it all go", and "Over the line". In Addition to his activities with the quartet, he continued to accompany many Israeli artists (Danni Litani, Ariel Zilber among others), and was involved in various projects as producer and composer ("The Carmely Project", Isaac Stein).

In 1996 Minuette released them third album "The Eternal River" (MCI records) that was based on works of the famous Egyptian composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab. In this project "Minuette" tried to build a cultural bridge between the Arabic music and the jazz and improvisation worlds. It was played and recorded totally live in studio conditions. At that year, enthusiastic by the growing potential of the computers world, Itai turned into software development and graduated at the "Sivan school for computing" in Tel Aviv. In the next few years he reduced his musical activities in favor of the computers world. Still, playing with "Minuette" continued until 1998 when the band broke up. During that time "Minuette" collaborated with many artists, toured with the New Yorker saxophonist Jay Rodriguez, toured with drummer Kenwood Dennard hosted saxophonist Gilad Atzmon as well as many local Israeli artists (Alon Olearczyk, Nurit Galron, and others).

In 2002 Itai returned into full music activity focusing on writing and producing music for visual arts. He wrote music for the TV film "Midway", directed by Isaac Yatskan, and participated in various theater plays (mainly in the National Israeli theater - Habima). He also collaborated with Michal Natan and the Compas dance company. In this framework Itai participated in various shows and in 2004 produced and was the main composer in the Compas latest work "Luna Y Media". In this project Itai uses laptop with prerecorded tracks mixed with live playing of cello, spanish guitar, bass, keyboards and accordion. The music from "Luna Y Media" was the inspiration for his first solo album "Dos Lunas" (EMI publishing, 2005). The CD project includes studio interpretations of the music from the show as well as newly composed tracks. Its music is a unique blend of electronica, trip-hop and ambient combined with live classical music, and live spanish guitars.