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Dos Lunas (EMI publishing, 2005)

Itai's latest solo project. 'Dos Lunas' is a composition that combines the world of electronica with live playing. Elements are taken from flamenco dance, classical music, ambient, trip-hop and Jazz.


Midway (Channel 2, 2003)

A TV film written and directed by Issac Yatskan, created in association with the Israeli Channel 2. Midway is a docu-drama that deals with the middle life crisis of two drug addicts fighting to recover and return back to normal. Itai created the soundtrack for this film.

The Eternal River (MCI records, 1996)

The third album of Minuette incorporates melodies by the famous Egyptian composer Mohamed Abdel Wahab with an abstract jazzy sound and playing. The music in this album found its first shape in a unique concert created specially for the Israeli-Arab music festival in Jaffa 1995.

Patricio's Story (NMC records, 1993)

Minuette's second album. A constructed porject that was created in studio's environment atmosphere. In this project Itai took a major role as a composer contributing tracks like "Patrisio's Story", "Over The Line" and "Where Does It All Go" (available for listening with the player at the top of this page).

First Dance (MCI records, 1990)

"Naive and charming" as described by one of the music critics, the first album of "Minuette" is still one of the best selling jazz album in Israel.

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